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K-eWrist Band adalah gelang yang dirancang khusus dengan teknologi terbaru dari Jepang. Ia meningkatkan ion negatif dan sinar inframerah jauh (FIR). K-eWrist Band membantu meningkatkan peredaran darah, memaksimalkan potensi tubuh dan meningkatkan kesehatan badan. Ion negatif dan FIR pada K-eWrist Band membantu meningkatkan sirkulasi darah dan persediaan oksigen pada seluruh tubuh.

K-eWrist Band adalah produk teknologi tinggi yang dapat membantu :
• Meningkakan sirkulasi darah
• Meningkatkan kesehatan tubuh
• Mengurangi ketidaknyamanan
• Mencegah kelelahan
• Meningkatkan kelenturan fisik

K-eWrist Band tersedia dalam beberapa pilihan warna cerah dan 3 ukuran yang berbeda- S (48mm), M (55mm), L (62mm).

K-eWrist Band Gelang untuk gaya hidup sehat


Kalung dengan FIR (Far infrared ray/ sinar inframerah jauh) yang berasal dari lapisan pertama matahari, di kenal dengan “ sinar kehidupan” yang memiliki banyak manfaat bagi mahluk hidup. K-AuraBeads memperkecil molekul udara dan air, meningkatkan penyerapan oksigen dan nutrisi dalam tubuh serta membantu membuang zat toksin. Selain itu K-AuraBeads dapat menjadi kalung yang trendi dan penuh gaya.
K-AuraBeads membuat anda tampil trendi, modis dan tetap sehat.

Manfaat K-AuraBeads untuk tubuh manusia:
o Meningkatkan sirkulasi darah
o Meningkatkan sistem imun
o Mengaktifkan sel-sel dan meningkatkan kadar oksigen
o Meningkatkan metabolisme sel

Products - Health Care - Seven Star Water Filtration Sytem

Using Japanese technology, the 7-Star Water Filtration System is capable of filtering up to 99.99% of toxins and waste, besides being able to filter chlorine, viruses, toxins, heavy metals and other harmful pollutants. The 7-Star Water Filtration System can also helps enhance the oxygen content of the water, allow water molecules to become smaller, provide important nutrients required by the body, helps enhance cells’ energy and improve blood circulation. Besides that, the water filter system can also help the water quality to become healthy water required by the human body, which is low in alkaline and high in oxygen content. Overall, it can help to enhance your health and your family’s well-being!

7 specially designed filters

The 7-Star Water Filtration System possesses 7 specially designed filters to help make water cleaner and improve the quality of water. With its advanced bio-technology filters, the 7-Star Water Filtration System can help to energize the content of water, turn water molecules smaller and provide one with natural and healthy water in the best possible condition.

Products - Health Care - Kinotakara


KINOTAKARA is the latest physiotherapeutic health care product in the world. It reflects the perseverance of Japanese medical exponents to discover ways to help the general public achieve wellness and pursue a healthy lifestyle. KINOTAKARA provides a natural way for our well being, and with that it gives people an alternative hope to better alleviate diseases and maintain their health.
KINOTAKARA is best placed under one’s sole because it has more than 60 acupuncture points out of over 360 distributed over the human body. Both Western and Eastern medical experts view the sole as the area that reflects the health of our internal organs, and often treat it as our second heart. This explains why many of us would want to have a foot massage, as the exercise would ease the nerves, enhance blood circulation and consequently promote health.
When KINOTAKARA is placed under your sole or other parts of the body, it will absorb excess water and harmful waste out of the body, and subsequently help to relieve pain and swellings.
KINOTAKARA, when applied to the skin over six hours, the color of the white powder would become wet or turn into a slightly darker substances. This dark-colored substance is the harmful waste from the body. The darker color reflects an unhealthy state of the body. As the harmful waste is excreted from the body, the pain and swellings of the body would be eased. The pain would be relieved when KINOTAKARA turns lighter in color or becomes less wet.
KINOTAKARA foot care sheet produces plenty of negative ions and effectively neutralizes positive ions. By sticking it directly onto the soles bring about lots of health benefits. In particularly, it could make our nerves more vigorous besides helping to eliminate muscle tension and pressure. Other health benefits of negative ions include:
  • Enhances metabolism and slows down ageing process
  • Activate cells, improve immunity, ease pain and relieve tiredness
  • Enhances blood circulation

    Natural mineral stone found in Brazil bearing characteristics of ions and infrared. Helps to enhance blood circulation.
    Obtained from the shell of crab. Contains water-soluble molecules. Known for its characteristic for keeping warm and rejuvenating.
    Made from resinous substance of beech tree, sakura tree and oak tree. Excellent for absorbing harmful waste.
    A form of volcanic substance. Possess anti-gravity and absorption power.
    High quality siliceous sponge. Also possess good radical free circulation function.
    Water soluble carbohydrate that can absorb water and to enhance the function of other ingredients.
    Exists naturally in the stalk of sugarcane. Used to enhance the function of other ingredients.

Products - Health Drink - Golden Valley SOD High Grade Rooibos Tea

Golden Valley SOD High Grade Rooibos Teacontains S.O.D (Super Oxidant Dismutase) which acts as an anti-oxidant agent to keep free radicals in the body in check. If left unchecked, free radicals can initiate reactions that may cause cells to develop abnormalities. As an anti-oxidant, Rooibos scavenges on free radicals thereby preventing potential cell mutations or damage. Besides that, SOD also promotes healthy cell growth.
Rooibosis is also a superb thirst-quencher. Imported from South Africa , Rooibos makes an ideal drink, either hot or chilled on its own or sweetened with honey or sugar and with or without milk. On a hot day, Rooibos can also be mixed with fruit juice.
As Rooibos does not contain caffeine, it can be enjoyed in unlimited quantities for sportsmen. Its rich mineral contents – iron, potassium, zinc, manganese and sodium can help restore the body's equilibrium after a strenuous workout.
Rooibos is not only for drinking. In baking, Rooibos can be use to replace the liquid content of any recipe for added color and flavor. Rooibos also makes a superb base for soups, stews and sauces.

Products - Health Drink - K-LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL


K-Liquid Chlorophyll’s three main benefits:

  1. Cleansing - refers to detoxification and eliminating impurities from our body.
  2. Regulating - balances the hormones, acid and alkaline in our body.
  3. Nourishing - provides nutrients for healthy blood to increase the oxygen level and red blood count.

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is life’s natural elixir contained in the green pigment of plants. In the process known as “photosynthesis”, chlorophyll in green plants traps and stores the energy of sunlight, together with carbon dioxide in the air, water and minerals from the soil to produce food. The energy is required to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose – the chief source of energy for living organisms.

Why choose Alfalfa?

Alfalfa is chosen because it contains 4 times the chlorophyll of other vegetables. Its roots grow deep into the soil to absorb minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and etc.
One table spoon of K-Liquid Chlorophyll is equivalent to 1 kg of vegetable consumption. It is a natural source of nutrient that is vital in stimulating good health.

Fights Free Radicals to Reduce Wrinkles & Aging

The chlorophyll in alfalfa contains antioxidants, which can help reduce free radicals in our body. Free radicals weaken our body, making us more susceptible to sickness. Free radicals are an active oxidized substance, generated by our own body through metabolism (breakdown of food and oxygen), that will destroy protein, lipid and DNA. It will affect normal cells to change and cause various diseases in the human body. Free radicals are a major contributor to ageing.

Chlorophyll is rich in:

Zinc –Zinc combines with vitamin A to promote good health
Selenium –Protects and energizes body cells
Vitamin E –Anti-ageing, nourishes skin and keeps the brain active
Vitamin C –Increases alertness and possesses anti-cancer properties
Vitamin A –Strengthens the heart’s function and improves vision.
Other nutrients include protein, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and minerals such as calcium, cobalt, chromium, phosphorus, silicon, potassium, manganese, magnesium and iron.

Promotes Cell Regeneration and Boosts the Immune System

Dr. Richard Willstatter and Dr. Hans Fisher have in 1915 and 1930 respectively received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Chemistry for discovering the molecular structure of human red blood cells and chlorophyll. Due to this, chlorophyll is shown to promote cell regeneration and reproduction as well as assist in building up the immune system.

Blood Production Property

Nobel Prize recipients, Dr. Richard Willstatter and Dr. Hans Fisher further discovered that the only difference between red blood cells and chlorophyll is that chlorophyll has a magnesium atom in its nucleus while red blood cells have iron. Thus, chlorophyll can help in cases of anemia and other blood deficiency conditions.

Cleanses Body of Pesticides and Drug Residue Toxins

Nutritionist Prof. Bernard Jensen pointed out that chlorophyll is effective in reducing toxin caused by pesticides and drug residue by purging them from the body. He further observed that healthy people generally have higher blood counts compared to the sick. However, after high consumption of chlorophyll, the sick showed an increase in blood count and improved health.

Reduces the Body’s Problems

Scientist Offen Krantz found that chlorophyll is highly beneficial to patients with stomach ulcers. Chlorophyll complements the medication prescribed by doctors for stomach ulcers.

Improves Skin Problems, Beautifies Complexion

The New England Medical Journal reported that chlorophyll can help in controlling skin problems and internal infection. The American Journal of Surgery published findings by Temple University on the use of chlorophyll to treat surgical wounds and other similar conditions.




K-Nature's Care E. Breviscapus Capsules’ main ingredient is from the herb Erigeron Breviscapus. Erigeron Breviscapus is a traditional Chinese herb found only in the Yunnan province of China and used to expel cold, induce sweat, relieve pain, relax the muscles, and stimulates blood circulation and was used as an efficacious secret recipe to treat hemiplegic paralysis, apoplexy and angina by the Dai tribe, some 1,000 years ago.
Regular intake of Erigeron Breviscapus has been clinically proven to improve blood circulation and greatly assists in the prevention of stroke because it:
  • Helps to increase blood flow to the brain by decreasing the viscosity of the blood
  • Helps to increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier
  • Helps to reduce the risk of hypertension and arteriosclerosis
  • Helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Helps to support and maintain a healthy cerebral-vascular and cardiovascular system.